Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Graphic Design Inspiration

Inspiration does not come from a computer screen. Close that computer, walk around and try to go out and look at the world. As a graphic designer, you probably spend more than half your day situated in front of the computer. By simply walking out of your office building, you can acquire more raw information about the outside world, wherein design actually thrives in. Taking a break from all the stresses of the workplace can also ease your mind, giving you a more relaxed mind to work with. You never know, there might be a source of inspiration in front of you that you didn't notice because you were too uptight.
But, if you don't have much time to walk around, here some websites to get fresh design inspiration:

1. iconStoc.com

iconStoc.com Collection of high quality icon sets, web icon design tutorials and editable icon templates to create a new icon project.